Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Reasoning With Lesser Humans

Are you an idiot?

Nobody will ever honestly answer "yes" to that question.

Yet, clearly we all know that the human race is filled with idiots. Idiots who don't know they are idiots. And you can't convince them that they are idiots either. No matter how powerful your case against them, they cannot be convinced that they are idiots. They see the world through their own boundaries of perception.

That's why message boards can be so annoying. You start to try to reason with one idiot, then several more eventually chime in, and the whole undertaking becomes a pointless waste of time.

That's the beauty of blogs. You have the power to turn responses to your posts on and off.

I'll leave mine on for now, until the idiots start to chime in.

1 comment:

Enlightener101 said...

Idiots have pack-mentality. Beware! When one is around, others are soon to follow. And heaven forbid if one bolts- they'll all stampede.