Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Eternal Life? Maybe :)

You may be surprised to see that I consider the possibility after previous posts, but read on, as there is a logical basis for this thought.

The very fact we are here now....that there IS something at all in this universe is proof that there always has been and always will be something.

The laws of the universe have brought about the world and life as we know it today.

Since we are dealing with eternity, or infinity... all that is possible WILL occur, no matter how improbable. Infinity trumps all improbable odds.

So, in theory, all that has happened will happen again. If there is a truly random element to existence, then all possible deviations of what has happened will happen again as well....and not only happen again, but happen again an infinite number of times!

This should go without saying, but since you cease to exist after you die, there is no perception of time. You never notice the billions of years between existences. Not that there is a "you" to "notice" time passage, but you catch my drift.

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