Sunday, March 9, 2008

Nature Is Cruel

And people are ignorant.

At this very moment, countless millions of creatures are dying on the planet. From the deepest depths of the oceans, to the far reaches of endless deserts, and everything in between, organisms are completing their cycle of life.

Nature is never merciful when it deals its final blow. Animals in the wild do not die peacefully or pain free. They are victims of starvation, disease, or predation. The most merciful of these is predation because it is the quickest. Of all predators, Man is the most merciful.

Hunters grant their prey the quickest most pain free method of death.

Animal rights activists such as the folks at PETA are extremely narrow minded and naive when they criticize hunting. If they really care about animals, they should be grateful for the hunting community. There is not a more merciful way for an animal to die in nature.

So the next time you step on a bug, pause to consider that you just blessed a creature with an instant, painless death, nod your head knowingly, and whisper, "You're welcome."

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