Friday, March 21, 2008

Love Does Not Exist

Well, it's a catchy title, but needs qualification.

"Love" as a defined word, exists. But "love" as some sort of power unto itself does not exist.

It's hard to define love. Every person, in fact, makes their own decisions on what they believe love is based on how they have heard the word used throughout their lives. We are brainwashed by books and movies our entire lives to believe that love is something bigger than ourselves.

Here is how it is an illusion: in truth, you don't "love" another person, you "love" how they make you feel. Those chemical reactions are capable of taking place inside your body without that other person. That's why it is absolutely possible to love many people. You don't run out of it or spread it too thin, it's simply the way others make you feel inside.

Another proof of this is: "love" is memory dependent. If you suddenly lost your memory, you would not love anyone you heretofore loved. This is because you would not remember how they had made you feel inside. Memory is nothing more than chemical/biological processes taking place in your brain.

This is why wedding vows are ridiculous. You are promising to always love someone as if it's a choice. You can't choose to love something. It has to make you feel good inside. If you got hit on the head and forgot everything about your spouse, but saw a video of the wedding where you made your vows, could you then immediately choose to have all the feelings of love for that person? No.

Wedding vows, under the law of reason, should therefore be modified to something like: "I promise I will TRY to love so and so....", or "I sure HOPE I will love this person forever.", etc.

If at some point in the future, you find out that everything the person said and did was a lie, would you still love them? If, in truth, they had been acting all along in order to "win" your love so they could inherit your money, for example, could you choose to love someone who was not who you thought they were? Course not.

People can be so charming and act so deceptive in order to win a spouse, that they completely mask their true selves. This is why divorce is so common. Sometimes, people just stop liking each other.

It's not until you've been with your spouse a few years that you begin to know who they truly are. Even then, people can go through dramatic changes in their lives. Just look at how different you are now from when you were a kid, a teen, etc.

I used to LOVE Sesame Street. Now? Not so much. What happened?? I CHANGED!

So love is just a word made up to describe feelings....aka chemical reactions in your brain.

Now TRUE LOVE is something different. It is a power unto itself and is a bond that no man can set asunder. It is often found by SOUL MATES. SOUL MATES are souls that are constantly being reincarnated, and seek each other out in each physical incarnation. EVIL is a force that seeks to keep SOUL MATES separate....just because EVIL likes to make people sad.

The above paragraph was written in a sarcastic manner in order to highlight the absurdity of the existence of such capitalized forces. It was not intended to be taken literally or to reflect the true thoughts of this blogger. This blogger takes no responsibility for you reading and then believing such nonsense, and hopes that you will use logic and reason to notice the non-existence of such things.

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Enlightener101 said...

You are so right!

Evil DOES like to make people sad.