Thursday, March 20, 2008

Proof That You Are Brainwashed

Newborns are the only ones capable of viewing the world as it truly is. Pure sight, sound, and feelings without judgment.

We, on the other hand, are so programmed by our surroundings that it is nearly impossible to see without bias.

Who among you can look at these words and see just shapes without meaning? If they were written in Chinese, they would be meaningless to most of us who are unfamiliar with that language. But once you learn something, you can't simply unlearn it. Which is why we should be careful about what we teach or children. It is so easy to shape the human mind. Religions are adept at molding minds. Society in general molds minds.

See this thing: :) ?

20 years ago it would have been nothing more than a colon and a parentheses. Now, it can only be seen as a smiley face. You've been programmed. You can never see that as anything but a smiley face ever again.

The best you can do is be aware of the programming and learn to see programming attempts.

News is a perfect example. Persons delivering the news talk in a way that is different than ordinary conversational speech. They inflect in ways that are designed to make themselves sound more believable and authoritative. If not careful, we can easily fall into the trap of automatically believing what they say just because of the way they said it. They could read ingredients for chicken soup in such a way as to make it sound important and menacing. Be aware.

Remember the New Jersey Governor announcing that he was a "Gay American"? He did it with such authority and voice inflection that it barely raised an eyebrow. He could have said that he liked to do the Chicken Dance naked while watching Teletubbies and it would have been just as well-recieved.

And notice he include "American". He didn't say "I'm gay." That would have been laughable. But simply saying "Gay American" gave the revelation an air of superiority and pride, making the admission more acceptable even though the message was the same. See how you were manipulated?

So think for yourself. Question everything.

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