Monday, January 19, 2009

Shame on Religion

Some ask, "Why dispute religion when it does no harm?"

Well, there are many instances where the false beliefs of religion do cause harm.

Here's one example:

A man who is (by all outward actions and appearances) a good person, loses a child in a terrible accident. Being a religious man, he cannot understand why a loving god would allow such a terrible thing to happen to him.

The only way that others can justify this to him, is by telling him that God has his reasons.

Now, more terrible things happen to this fellow. His house burns down, he loses his job, etc.

Now his fellow believers are starting to think that God's reasons are to punish this guy for something! So on top of all the misery being suffered by this guy, he is now looked down upon by his peers as being unclean!

A real life example: when New Orleans got wiped out by hurricane Katrina, many religious fools blamed it on the lifestyles of those living in New Orleans! The holier-than-thous believed the poor people of New Orleans got what they deserved!

This is one small example of why religion should be opposed, and not just tolerated.

More than any other thing, religion breeds hatred.


Enlightener101 said...

Don't you think that last line is a little harsh? I mean, mankind, not religion, breeds hatred. I think it's reasonable to believe that hate is strictly man made and would find a way to thrive in any enviornment, religious or otherwise.

Son of Rea said...

Not harsh at all. Statistics show that religion breeds 73.2% of all hatred. Sporting events came in a distant second with only 12%.

But seriously, I didn't say religion is the only breeder of hatred. Yes, without religion there would still be hatred. And the statement in question is my opinion, of course, there is no way to ever prove it statistically.

But what religion does is support a person's hatred. It makes it okay to hate someone. So, by "breed", I mean "encourage to grow", not just "create".

When reasonable people say that it is wrong to hate someone because they are gay, the hater of gay people needs only point to his HOLY BIBLE to show the support for his belief. Without that "religious" support, he would have no logical reason for his hatred.

And since religion is ultimately a belief in eternity, no other thought process has the power that religion does.

You might hate someone because they like a different sports team than you. So in this sense, sports breeds hatred. But nothing encourages you to kill the opposing fans. Nothing promises you eternal salvation, or 77 virgins in heaven if you kill fans of the opposing team.

No beliefs are taken more seriously than religious ones. People will gladly die for their religious beliefs. If you tell me to say the world is flat, or you'll kill me, then by golly, I'll say the world is flat. As strong as my belief is that the world is round, I'm not willing to die for it.

Christianity and Islam preach hatred. If you doubt it, read the Old Testament and the Quran. And since the majority of the world is raising their children under one of these religions, I stand by my assertion that religion breeds hatred more than anything else.

Again, I'm not saying it's the ONLY thing that breeds hatred. But if you come up with a list of all things that breed hatred, religion will be at the top.