Monday, April 14, 2008

The All-Knowing

There is a problem with an all-knowing God. Not a problem for me, but a problem for those who believe in the concepts taught by religion such as sacrifice and reward and morality, etc.

If God knows all, then he knew all that would happen with his creation before he created it. He planned it all. Just like an architect plans a building...he knows exactly what it will look like before it is built.

If God knew all that would happen throughout all time before he created the universe, then he put his stamp of approval on it. So everything that has and will happen is by God's plan.

Is your brain screaming "Free Will" ? Well, I've discussed how that is an illusion in a prior post, but I'm willing to explore it further.

Every choice you make is made for a reason. You choose to eat pizza instead of fish, BECAUSE you don't like fish. You CHOOSE to go to a job you hate BECAUSE you need the money. So where is this so-called freedom? You are merely fulfilling wants and desires. And would not an all-knowing god KNOW your wants and desires even more intimately than yourself? He put them there after all. He IS the designer, programmer, and builder of you.

So worry not, ye believers. Your fate was decided before the universe was even created. Your final resting place in heaven or hell was planned by your creator.

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